Transition Initiative 

Driven by the challenges of  peak oil and climate change, the  Transition Initiative (TI) catalyzes the preparedness of local communities  for a future which looks very different from the present.

Grounded in the reality that “small is inevitable,” and “localization is essential,” the Transition Initiative sparks and then develops community resilience-building in anticipation of the near future need to drastically scale back from our current energy consumption patterns.

Transition Woodstock is a team of Earthcare advocates catalyzing the resourceful response of Woodstock and surrounding hamlets to climate change and the “transition” from fossil-fuel dependent lifestyles to local resiliency.

Transition Woodstock is currently implementing steps 2 and 3 of the Transition Initiative Principles below.

Transition Initiative Principles

  1. Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset.
  2. Raise awareness.
  3. Lay the foundations. (identify existing environmental initiatives)
  4. Organize a great unleashing. (large community event held to build momentum and plan )
  5. Form groups. (working groups by interest area)
  6. Use open space. (a simple way of running large meetings)
  7.  Develop visible practical manifestations of the project.
  8.  Facilitate the great reskilling.
  9.  Build a bridge to local government.
  10.  Honor the elders. (oral histories of past ways of doing things)
  11.  Let it go where it wants to go.
  12. Create an Energy Descent Action Plan.

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