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4/17 Hearing: Hydrofracking Brine on Ulster County Roads

April 15, 2012


Date:            Tuesday, April 17
Time:           7:00 PM
Location:  UC Community College  gym, 491 Cottekill Rd,  Stone Ridge
Why:  Keep radioactive, toxic gas wastewater brine off of our roads.
Who:  Bring friends, neighbors, co-workers…..strength in numbers.
How:  Fill the UCCC gym w/constituents who support this effort.

Do you care about your drinking water quality? Your dog’s paws? Your child’s health?

Mike Hein’s new, highly publicized Executive Order banning hydrofracking :
• may be rescinded by the next Executive.
• mentions neither enforcement nor penalties.
• Does not define “Hydrofracking Waste fluid/brine” which is the only thing prohibited in the Executive Order

Your participation is needed at an April 17th Public Hearing proposed by the Ulster County (UC) Legislature about the UC Hydraulic Fracturing Brine Prohibition Act to prohibit gas waste-water brine on Ulster County roads. (#1 at

This Law Is a Big Deal. The gas industry’s biggest problem is how to “handle” its massive radioactive and toxic waste by-product. The DEC colludes in solving this by permitting its application on our lovely roads for de-icing.This allows the gas industry to use NY highway departments as a dumping ground.

Passing this law is not a DONE DEAL. Ken Wishnick, UC Legislator, the sponsor of the law, tells us, “A positive vote on this law is far from guaranteed!” Elected UC officials have made statements revealing their trust in DEC claims that gas wastewater brine from conventional vertical NY gas wells is safe—claims which are contradicted by DEC’s own tests revealing both high radioactivity and toxic chemicals. (Appendix 13 DEC dSGEIS) Does the DEC “regulate” the de-icing practice? Essentially the DEC tells drivers to stay in the middle of the road to avoid run-off and not to drive near wetlands. We are not making this up. (see DEC docs on
Will fracking come to Ulster County? Even if there is no drilling of the Utica Shale which lies under UC, we are being fracked by gas corporate leaders through the application of gas wastewater brine on NY roads. Local road control is still under “home rule” jurisdiction in NY State. For we the people of NY to allow this practice is to surrender to being fracked in all meanings of the word.

Frack Free Catskills (FFC)
for more information call 845-679-6938
email or (Rosalyn Cherry)



December 23, 2011


Can we stop hydraulic fracturing (fracking) from coming to New York State? With your actions we can!

Whether you have been following the path leading to the potential fracking of New York State or you are vaguely informed about fracking and its dire consequences to our water and air, the environment, public health and communities, New York State needs your help. To become more informed watch at 2 1/2 minutes or watch at 18 minutes and/or go to

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued a 1500 plus page document called the 2011 revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (rdSGEIS) and is accepting comments until January 11, 2012. This document which addresses permit conditions for High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing (HVHF) in the Marcellus Shale is inadequate and flawed.

It’s very important that we flood the DEC with substantive comments submitted (preferably by snail mail.). The DEC is required to review and respond to all comments and issues brought up by the public. As such, in addition to exposing the DEC’s failure to thoroughly, comprehensively, or objectively study fracking, getting in thousands of substantive comments will be of great value and give us time to build up the statewide movement and work toward a ban.

If you have signed a petition or a group letter thank you. But it is not enough. There are many other paths being pursued to stop fracking in New York State including (1) criminalizing fracking and (2) passing ordinances by municipalities that are (a) rights oriented such as a Bill of Rights that we have a right to clean air and water or (b) zoning oriented prohibiting heavy industrial use which is being challenged in court in Dryden and Middlefield. As these are being pursued what we need to do is send as many comments by snail mail to the DEC. The more letters shows the Governor how many of us do not want fracking in New York State.

Learn how to send comments: now.

If you need help with how to submit snail mail comments, e-mail Rosalyn Cherry at: Type Fracking in the subject line.

Rosalyn Cherry